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interior finishing

Interior finishing packages are an unrivalled offer for people who want to move into their new flat purchased in a developer’s condition without any problems or obstacles. It is an economic solution, giving the possibility of a great arrangement of the interior at a reasonable price. It also gives uncompromising comfort of meeting the budget for finishing.

1239 zł/m2

Optimal Package

The package comprises an individual bathroom arrangement design. t is a basic package in the offer allowing for efficient decision making on the arrangement and, consequently, relatively quick start of finishing works. The price includes an individual bathroom and toilet arrangement project. The customer can choose from a wide range of materials from Polish and foreign manufacturers with an established position on the market. The offer includes bathroom / toilet, smoothing and painting of walls and ceilings, installation of doors and floors and all necessary building materials and equipment elements necessary to perform a comprehensive service.


1349 zł/m2

Premium Package

The statistically most frequently chosen package is a solution for customers who want more freedom in the choice of materials. The price of the package includes – apart from the bathroom design – a full arrangement of the living room and kitchen space, which are usually an integral part of the whole. The scope of work is similar to those of the optimal package, and the main differences are revealed in the possibility to choose more expensive and more sophisticated solutions and finishing elements, such as e.g. wooden floor in the living room.


Individual pricing

Royal Package

For demanding customers expecting the highest quality products, we have an exclusive solution in the form of the Royal package. It gives unlimited possibilities in the choice of materials and guarantees the highest quality of finishing works. At the same time, it provides total flexibility in determining the scope of services, cooperation with a professional interior designer and a full project of investment arrangement.