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The statistically most frequently chosen package is a solution for customers who want more freedom in the choice of materials.

1349zł gross for m2

The price of the package includes – apart from the bathroom design – a full arrangement of the living room and kitchen space, which are usually an integral part of the whole. The scope of work is similar to those of the optimal package, and the main differences are revealed in the possibility to choose more expensive and more sophisticated solutions and finishing elements, such as e.g. wooden floor in the living room.


  • Construction supervision at the stage of completion of finishing works.
  • Guarantee of compliance with the entry and exit deadlines.
  • 24-month guarantee for all construction work.
  • Assortment guarantees in accordance with the manufacturer’s guarantees.
  • Third party insurance policy.
  • Professional cleaning after renovation.

Arrangement works:

  • Measurement and inventory of the designed rooms.
  • Consultations with interior designer.
  • Sketches and visualizations of selected rooms.
  • Individual design of bathroom arrangement (or bathroom and w-c), living room and kitchen.

The scope of the agreement includes:

  • Cost of the finishing crew.
  • Logistics costs.
  • Cost of construction chemicals and agreed materials.
  • Securing the dwelling for the time of renovation.
  • Painting of walls and ceilings.
  • Floor and door installation, comprehensive bathroom finishing.
  • Lighting installation for all rooms.
  • Determined additional works (e.g. modifications for kitchen design)