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EGEDI Home Solution

About us

From project to realization

Egedi Home Solution is a team of professionals with many years of experience in financing, logistics, design and interior design, and above all professional and competent implementation of construction and renovation.

You will not hear from us that something is ‘impossible’.

For us, it’s not just a way of life, but a real passion. We are not afraid of complicated and demanding projects full of challenges.

Safety at every step

Creation and Security

Each of our services is covered by a third party liability policy which provides an additional sense of security, and cooperation with the architect included in the price gives the possibility of free creation without engaging in the often tedious stage of implementation.

Where? – Łódź and surrounding area, but not only

Our offer is addressed especially to the residents of Łódź and its surroundings, but we have also completed several projects in Warsaw and satellite cities. We are finishing new, developer flats and apartments as well as single-family housing. We also carry out repairs of secondary market apartments.