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For developers

Finishing of flats and apartments in developer condition

We offer a comprehensive TURNKEY FINISHING, which will naturally complement the sales offer of your flats.

Turnkey finishing will certainly increase the value of the offer without the need to increase resources, i.e. build a finishing department or engage employees.

In our offer we have 3 complete turn-key finishing packages:

Each of the packages differs in: assortment, additional services and price per m2. Thanks to the limited and closed offer, the choice of the customer does not extend the sales process. Moreover, the offer is transparent and easy to assimilate for the client’s advisors.

We can offer our customers the highest quality tiles of the brands Bella Casa and Grespania; fittings of the brands: Hansgrohe, Ideal Standard; doors of renowned Polish manufacturers such as: DRE, Porta, Pol-Skone; floors of brands: Egger, QuickStep, Krono Original, Barlinek, etc. and all this at a very affordable price.

At the special request of the customer we can offer kitchen finishing and interior design (also in the field of show flats for the developer).

We offer preparation of show flats and “turnkey flats”.

Finishes supporting sales and rental of flats and apartments

The offer is clear and easy to present and sell. Just a short training on the methods of its presentation will suffice. Sales will also be supported by a number of tools such as leaflets, catalogues, banners and even a marketing campaign.

We will prepare an individual catalogue for the developer – with investments taking into account the assumptions concerning the target group and the requirements of marketing communication.

We also propose to prepare a dedicated finishing offer, which may include:

  • closed, dedicated product lines available only from the developer,
  • extension of the standard offer,
  • exclusive marketing layout of the packages
  • projects and visualizations based on specific housing cards and many more……

We will adjust the graphic design
to your company’s needs

Based on the so-called “CI” of your company, we will develop and adjust the offer to the functioning marketing profile.

Creation of interior finishing departments

Having extensive experience in the construction of finishing departments for developers, we can take full responsibility for you to create a unit specializing in the subject matter. The offer in this area is created individually on the basis of the existing resources in the company and may include, among others, recruitment of employees, creation of a marketing setting, conducting an advertising campaign, etc.

Marketing, recruitment and training

Thanks to many years of work for reputable developers in managerial positions, we are able to support both sales and marketing processes, following an internal audit. We can assist in recruitment and professional training. If you are interested, please contact us. We believe that one meeting will make us credible as a business partner who can be trusted.


  • complementing the offer, building added value
  • support for the sale of apartments, building a competitive advantage
  • attractive commission system
  • the sale of the offer is not complicated – the procedures are simple and clear
  • sale of finished, finished apartments as a supplement to the offer


  • high standard of service
  • quick contact with the customer
  • use of branded products at an affordable price
  • trouble-free maintenance work
  • third party liability insurance
  • guarantee of time and quality
  • purchase or rental of an apartment from a pool of ready-to-go apartments available on the spot